Toyota is planning a more basic approach to fleet that will put the focus firmly on customer service as it attempts to increase Proace sales.

The brand’s CV manager, Gareth Matthews, said: “The focus is on developing the network and encouraging them to find local fleet opportunities. It’s about getting back to basics and doing them well because that will deliver.”

He said that the relative newness of the Proace, and a lack of recent presence in the marketplace, means that there is a need to start again, rather than chase the big volumes right from the start.

“There has been too much focus on national opportunities but then you risk pricing yourself out of the market. It is about finding the local opportunities and building a relationship with servicing those vehicles,” said Toyota’s van boss. “It’s small businesses and SMEs – Proace has been doing really well with them.”

The approach for the Toyota Hilux pick-up is different, he said. Even though the local centres will still be able to serve smaller fleets, it is a model that is much more well established and has a number of large national fleet deals in place.

“We already have a number of large historic fleets and new business will be found by our fleet team, not by our dealers,” said Matthews.