Citroen plays it safe with new Berlingo

The next generation of Citroen Berlingo will take a conservative approach and not follow the manufacturer’s recent approach to its passenger car range.

Citroen CEO Linda Jackson told Company Van Today that the company has to juggle advancement with satisfying a loyal customer base for a successful model.

“It is an extremely successful vehicle so you have to be very careful,” said Jackson. “You don’t suddenly decide to change the concept, because you will potentially lose your customers. I am prepared to be slightly risky and take a gamble, but there is a limit to just how far I will take that.”

However, she said that the new model will aim to offer a degree of style and comfort, rather than just aim to fulfill practicality requirements.

“In terms of making sure we adhere to the two key elements – design, that modern look that is coherent in the range and has that touch of colour, and comfort in the sense of connectivity and driving aid technology – I think you will find we have adhered completely to the strategy with the new Berlingo,” she said.

The Berlingo van will most likely be a very close relation to the Multispace version that was revealed in February this year (above). However, despite the car-like look of that model, and Citroen’s desire to increase the comfort levels of all of its vehicles, there are no plans for the commercial vehicle to be equipped with the innovative new suspension that has been fitted to the latest version of the C4 Cactus.

“We have never considered, at this stage, using this technology on a commercial vehicle,” explained Jackson. “We have concentrated on passenger vehicles because it was the important thing to do.

However, she didn’t rule it out for the future, saying: “The technology doesn’t stop us putting it on any vehicle where there is sufficient benefit. At the moment we have concentrated on cars.”

The second generation of the Berlingo van has been in production since 2008, and the replacement is will be launched in the UK later this year.