First Drive

First Drive: Fiat Fullback

The story:
Key rival:L200
On sale:Now
Fiat Fullback 2.4 LX manual
Price:£23,495 (ex VAT)
Load length/height/width:

The Fiat Fullback is the Italian company’s attempt to join the lucrative pick-up market.

Rather than spend millions developing an entirely new model, Fiat has used the Mitsubishi L200 and added badging and a touch of personalisation to set it apart.

2017 Fiat Fullback - image 2There is one 2.4-litre diesel with either a 150hp or, as tested here, a 180hp output. The former comes with just a six-speed manual, while the latter also has a five-speed automatic gearbox. The engine is a strong unit with plenty of low-down urgency, but it is loud in the process – there isn’t as much noise insulation as you might like.

Fiat also throws in the same navigation infotainment system that you get in the L200 – one that is a bit fiddly to use and slow to respond, but that will guide you to your destination with a bit of practice.


The verdict

The differences between the Fullback and the L200 are minimal and come down in part to aesthetics. The Fiat manages to look slightly less ostentatious and more workmanlike than the higher trim L200s, which should appeal to those that don’t want to go full ‘lifestyle’.