If Ford were to build an ST-Line Transit, then this is what it would look like.

As it stands, though, such a thing doesn’t exist. Or it didn’t until South Wales-based dealership Van Sport teamed up with the Ford M-Sport rally team to create this – the coolest-looking Transit ever made. The conversion is semi-official, in that MS-RT (which stands for Motor Sport Road Technology, should you be wondering) has worked closely with Ford to develop it.

As a result, Ford’s own designers have had a say on what the styling should look like and its engineers have had an influence on MS-RT’s suspension tweaks. Yes, this is significantly more than just a Transit in sportswear, for it also has a performance-tuned suspension set up, using bespoke Eibach rear springs. The result is a Transit that handles rather nicely and looks special.

Every MS-RT Transit is hand-finished at the Van Sport company’s headquarters in Pontypool, where the injection-moulded styling kits and hand-trimmed interiors are also finished – and the interior in particular is quite striking.

Under the bonnet, the powertrain is totally standard – it has to be to honour Ford’s warranty requirements. However, MS-RT’s factory has its own technical experts who know their way around a Transit’s ECU. We’ll park that thought for now…