Company Van Today - Issue 1 - Spring 2017

09 12 14 16 21 Welcome to the first issue of Company Van Today. Much like the team over at Company Car Today, we aim to bring you the very latest reviews, news and interviews, but with more of a practical edge to what we focus on. We’re here to bring you the product and operational information that you need to run a fleet of light commercial vehicles as efficiently, safely and intelligently as possible. Each quarter, we’ll bring you the latest news from the world of vans, be that new vehicle reveals and launches, such as the Isuzu D-Max that’s this month’s cover star, or insider scoops from our contacts in the van industry. Every issue we’ll also sit down with some of the most important and influential figures from the industry, and chat to them about all things related to vans and pick-ups. That’s why this issue we talk to not one, but the two leading members of Vauxhall’s CV team – Steve Bryant and Andy Savage – and discuss the company’s recent acquisition by the PSA Group, the future of diesel in the UK and an exciting tie-up with the British Superbike Championship for the coming season. Head to the back pages of the magazine and you’ll find all the facts and figures that will prove essential if you run a fleet of LCVs, no matter whether that means one vehicle or thousands. We also drive the very latest models: small, large and in between – and we’ll include comprehensive coverage of the pick-up market. It’s the single biggest growing segment in the LCV world, and is proving phenomenally popular with small business owners and independent traders who want a vehicle they can use for work in the week and life at the weekend. Indeed, we’ll be finding out how realistic that is as we spend six months with the latest generation of the Toyota Hilux. Finally, we’d love to hear from you. If you have any feedback on the magazine, or have any tips for stories, do get in touch at TomWebster Editor FOREWORD COMPANY VAN TODAY.CO.UK 3 05 NEWS New Isuzu D-Max; plug-in Ford Transit on trial, special Fullback 09 NEWS ANALYSIS Are high-end vans reallyworth the extra initial outlay? 12 INTERVIEW: VAUXHALL Our chat takes in 2017 plans, superbikes and the PSA takeover 14 CV SHOW PREVIEW MAN and VW take centre stage at a show that’s bigger than ever 16 REVIEWS We drive the Nissan NV300, Peugeot Expert and VW Amarok 21 LONG-TERMTEST Life with a Toyota Hilux 22 THE KNOWLEDGE Maximising van values at defleet CONTENTS WELCOME EDITORIAL: EDITOR: TomWebster E: NEWS: CHIEF SUB-EDITOR: Euan Doig ART DIRECTOR: Caroline Creighton-Metcalf PRODUCTION: T: 01206 638037 E: EDITORIAL DIRECTOR: Paul Barker PUBLISHING: PUBLISHER: Dave Wallace T: 07739 554329 E: ADVERTISING: T: 01206 638036 E: CIRCULATION MANAGER: Andy Kirk E: SUBSCRIPTIONS: Subscribe to Company Van Today: UK £19.50 . Europe & Eire £26.80 Company Van Today @companyvantoday DISCLAIMER: Company Van Today is published four times per year by AutomotiveMedia & Events Limited, registered address 1 Second Avenue, Halstead, Essex, CO9 2SU. Registered number 10034249. All rights reserved. No part of themagazinemay be reproduced in any form in whole or in part without prior written permission of the publisher. All material published remains the copyright of AutomotiveMedia & Events Limited. Whilst every reasonable care is taken to ensure accuracy, information is obtained froma variety of sources and the publisher is not responsible for any errors or omissions, nor dowe accept liability for any loss or damage, howsoever caused, resulting from the use of the magazine. We reserve the right to edit letters, copy or images submitted to themagazine without further consent. The submission of material to AutomotiveMedia & Events Limited unsolicited or requested, is taken as permission to publish in themagazine. ISSN 2514-1929 (online) Printing: Micropress Printers Ltd, Suffolk.