Company Van Today Winter 2020

04 10 16 21 Hopefully, the 2019 election result will mean that 2020 brings a little more security for the van world. That’s because a majority government has more chance of offering some clarity on areas that have had question marks hanging over them for some time now. One big one that leaps to mind is the status of crew cab vans in relation to how they are taxed – something that we explore in greater detail on page 14 – but there are other areas that the van world could do with at least a guiding line on. For several years there’s been talk of van VED being rated by CO 2 , and it would not be a surprise to see some changes after the consultation last year. But there are a couple of other things that it would be good to get cleared up, so that van fleet decision-makers can plan for the future. Call this the Company Van Today 2020 wish list – the New Year’s Resolutions we’d like to see the authorities make good on in the coming year. Long-term EV planning The rise of electric vans is perennially just around the corner, but there remains some uncertainty about how long the plug-in grant will last, and which vehicles it will apply to. Given that the van version of the Mitsubishi Outlander is eligible for the grant, but the car isn’t, it is fair to say that some might feel a little unsure about the government’s plans for plug-in light commercials. Make a commitment, one way or the other. Standardise clean city rules It seems bonkers that, in a country as comparatively small as the UK, we are looking at so many contradictory rules on what vehicles can go into and out of a city without punitive charges. London to Bristol and back is a feasible and realistic daily route, but it means that drivers could face two totally different approaches to inner-city charges at either end. Add in Birmingham and Oxford and we’re looking at a wide variety of differing approaches in different cities. Given so many rules that impact vehicle buying are made on a national level, is it too much to ask for clean-air zones to show at least a scrap of joined up thinking?. Newspress Commercial VehicleWriter of the Year TomWebster Editor FOREWORD COMPANY VAN TODAY.CO.UK 3 04 NEWS New trim levels and EV power for Iveco Daily; new VW Caddy teased 09 ANALYSIS FTA looks at the future for vans 10 COFFEE WITH… PSA business sales boss Matt Weston on the group’s plans 14 VANS VS CARS Some vans are classified as cars, and could cost thousands in tax 16 FIRST DRIVES Ford Transit PHEV; Ford Transit micro-hybrid; Iveco Daily; Vauxhall Vivaro double cab 21 LONG-TERMTEST Hello to our new Vauxhall Combo 22 KNOWLEDGE More used buyers want an auto 23 KEY NUMBERS All the figures you need CONTENTS WELCOME EDITORIAL: EDITOR: TomWebster E: NEWS: CHIEF SUB-EDITOR: Euan Doig ART DIRECTOR: Caroline Creighton-Metcalf PRODUCTION: T: 01206 638037 E: EDITORIAL DIRECTOR: Paul Barker PUBLISHING: PUBLISHER: Dave Wallace T: 07739 554329 E: ADVERTISING: T: 01206 638036 CIRCULATION MANAGER: Andy Kirk E: SUBSCRIPTIONS: Subscribe to Company Van Today: UK £19.50 . Europe & Eire £26.80 CompanyVan Today @companyvantoday DISCLAIMER: Company Van Today is published four times per year by AutomotiveMedia & Events Limited, registered address 1 Second Avenue, Halstead, Essex, CO9 2SU. Registered number 10034249. All rights reserved. No part of themagazinemay be reproduced in any form in whole or in part without prior written permission of the publisher. All material published remains the copyright of AutomotiveMedia & Events Limited. Whilst every reasonable care is taken to ensure accuracy, information is obtained froma variety of sources and the publisher is not responsible for any errors or omissions, nor dowe accept liability for any loss or damage, howsoever caused, resulting from the use of the magazine. We reserve the right to edit letters, copy or images submitted to themagazine without further consent. The submission of material to AutomotiveMedia & Events Limited unsolicited or requested, is taken as permission to publish in themagazine. ISSN 2514-1910 (print) Printing: Micropress Printers Ltd, Suffolk.