Company Van Today - Issue 8 - Winter 2018

VIVAROWITH 6 YEARS MINIMUM 18%DEPOSIT MINIMUM 20%DEPOSIT £199 PER MONTH 0 % APR SEARCH VIVARO 199 Official Government Test Environmental Data. Fuel consumption figures mpg (litres/100km) and CO 2 emissions (g/km). Vivaro Panel Van range: Urban: 35.3 (7.8) – 40.9 (6.9), Extra-urban: 42.2 (6.7) – 53.3 (5.3), Combined: 40.4 (7.0) – 47.0 (6.0). CO 2 emissions: 181 – 155g/km. # £199 per month offer shown only available with minimum 20% deposit on model shown: Vivaro L1 H1, 2700 95PS, non start/stop. Small business users only. Offer subject to availability, on selected models at participatingRetailersonly.Conditionalsale.Financesubjecttostatus.Ts&Csandexclusionsapply.18+.FinancebyVauxhallFinance,CF157YT.6years0%APRofferavailablewithminimum18%deposit (plusVAT on total transaction price). Offer available on orders or registrations from 1 January to 4 April 2019. All offers available to small businesses 1–24 units (purchase only). All other customers are excluded. Available at participatingRetailersonly,maynotapplytoallRetailerstock.VauxhallMotorsLimitedreservestherighttochange,amendorwithdrawthisofferatanypoint intime.Correctattimeofprint.#Allfiguresquoted relate to the EU basemodel with standard equipment. Fuel consumption and CO 2 emissions are determined according to regulations R (EC) No. 715/2007 and R (EC) No. 692/2008, taking into consideration the vehicle weight in running order, as specified. Additional equipment and optionsmay lead to higher results than stated. The figures do not relate to a specific vehicle and are not part of an offer. They are provided onlyforthepurposeofcomparisonbetweendifferentvehiclesbutmaydifferfromtheactualfuelconsumptionandCO 2 achieved inreal-lifedrivingconditionswhichare influencedbydrivingstyleandoperating conditions. Additional equipment may increase the weight of the vehicle when empty and in some cases the permissible axle weights as well as the permissible total weight and reduce the permissible towing weights. This may lead to a reduction in top speed and increased acceleration time. Driving performance figures assume a 75kg driver plus a 125kg load. 2 H gas inm3/100km. FOR THE RED,WHITE ANDBLUEVANMAN.