Test Drive Review: VW CADDY BUSINESS

Bundling a selection of business-desirable extras into a pack is not a new practice, but remains a popular move. Volkswagen’s Caddy now comes with just such a pack, offered on the entry Startline model.

It brings rear parking sensors, air conditioning and an alarm for £960 (plus VAT). In essence it allows fleet managers to add a little comfort and practicality without having to head up the range to a more expensive model that has other unrequired elements.

The parking sensors are particularly beneficial given the Caddy’s small door mirrors. Elsewhere, the VW handles excellently, with a wonderful ride and a good, adjustable driving position.

The engine in this 102hp diesel sounds gruff, is slow and sits at high revs on the motorway thanks to the gearbox having only five cogs. The steering is sharp and responsive, though, so it makes for an entertaining drive.