‘Workhorse’ Musso set-up sold as aftermarket option

Ssangyong is to offer its Musso pick-up with a choice of suspension, with a new more compliant standard set-up designed to cure criticisms of the ride, or a dealer-fit option that is described as “more robust” for users that need the full payload.

A new “more progressive” set-up was approved by the vehicle certification agency at the beginning of this year and is starting to filter through to market now, replacing  the spring set-up originally required to get the truck to the required payload to qualify as a commercial vehicle for taxation purposes.

“The new suspension set-up is much more progressive than the one we had originally approved by the VCA,” Ssangyong UK chief executive Nick Laird told Company Van Today. “If you are looking for a rough, tough, heavy-duty spring then the one we did at launch is the one to have; it is a more robust product.

“If you are looking for one that drives more like an SUV with still the potential to take the weight in the back, if it’s more an occasional tonne in the back rather than a regular tonne in the back, then the softer suspension that we now have is a better ride and handling compromise.”

Laird predicted that the majority of customers are likely to be occasional users, which is why the company has decided to make the heavy-duty alternative a dealer-fit option, costing around £300.

There will also be a longer load bed version of the Musso added in the summer, with Ssangyong waiting to see how demand falls across the two models before deciding on whether to continue with both, or drop one or the other of the load lengths.

“We’ll make sure we have a really simple, really clearly understood line-up that does not have dozens of derivatives, and one of the things we’ll need to manage is what is selling and what isn’t; if we find stuff isn’t selling we’ll remove it, just to keep things simple for everyone,” said Laird. The longer version will cost around 5% more than the regular length.